Honestly From The Heart

Today’s Thought: Kindness in words creates confidence; kindness in thinking creates profoundness and kindness in giving creates love.

Recently I have been having Reiki to help me manage my anxiety. It has had a powerful effect. I know I want to live my life without fear and full of love. This is the mantra I have held in my heart this week and it has made me feel more powerful than I ever have done previously.

I aim to approach all challenges with love and kindness. If I hold true to my values, I should be able to let go of fear. I might not be triumphant in all my endeavours, but I will be victorious in living a life of honesty, kindness and love and this will mean that I will have nothing to blame myself for if things don’t go according to plan.

In the past week I have been consciously making sure I am kinder than usual and sending out more love than usual. As a result, I feel more successful, more confident and more content than I have done before. Seeing the appreciation of my team; the change in their physical demeanour and experiencing the positive vibes throughout my organisation has demonstrated the impact that focusing my efforts in these areas have made.

Conscious kindness.

Conscious love.

It’s transformative; it’s powerful and it calms anxiety and creates happiness.

Imagine what could happen if all of us practiced conscious kindness and conscious love! Go on – I dare you!

Words and Actions Must Match.

Today’s Thought: Be honest in what you SAY and DO.

I am in the fourth month of my honesty quest and I can truthfully say it has been a game changer for me. My life is so much happier and calmer than before. I feel more confident and less anxious – I had had no idea that being conscious about my level of honesty would make such a difference.

So what made the change in myself work? How did I maintain my commitment to my promise?

  1. I visualised the person I wanted to be and defined how that person would behave.
  2. I made daily commitments to the words and actions that kind of person would show to the world.
  3. I paid close attention to my feelings and actions, so I could track where I made mistakes or where I prevented mistakes with my level of honesty. I noted what my motivations were and whether they were useful to my cause or contrary.
  4. If I made mistakes, I addressed them quickly so I could stay on track.
  5. I told the people I found it most difficult to be honest with that I was trying to be more honest and I would not be participating in unkind talk or behaviour.
  6. I used this blog to keep myself on track – it has been my visible conscience.

I know I am still on my journey and I am not the finished article (will I ever be? Is anyone?) but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge how far I have come and the difference it has made. I wanted to let everyone know that such a simple change has made such a monumental difference.

Honesty is the key to happiness for me – is it the key for you?

An Honest Confidence

Today’s Thought: Confidence is not ‘they will like me’. Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t.’

For so long I have struggled with being honest. I have been so terrified that if I tell people the truth that they won’t like me any more. It has been so much easier to tell people what they want to hear – it keeps everything comfortable and safe. Until it doesn’t!

I have a role that requires me to be honest; it means that the organisation can achieve the best for its clients. Without true honesty, we will fail. As my courage in being honest grows, so does the strength within our organisation.

Of course, the requirement to be honest leads to some difficult conversations and I have recently realised that I have been anticipating these conversations more as confrontations – just the kind of situation I am desperate to avoid. So, how have I started to overcome this barrier to success and honesty?

Every day, I pledge 4 positive intentions:

Be kind, honest and professional in your words.

Have integrity and best practice in your actions.

Remain true to your vision and pay attention to detail.

Remember it’s a conversation, not a confrontation.

As long as I plan to have a gentle honest conversation in which I explain my concerns or provide my guidance, I feel that I am holding true to my values and aims. I know that I am not seeking drama or a fight so if someone responds aggressively, I don’t have to take responsibility for their words and actions. The only words and actions I am responsible for are my own.

I can feel the strength from living and speaking honestly growing within me. The warmth of confidence is slowly seeping into my soul and it is allowing me to notice my own talents and attributes; making me know I am capable of achieving my goals and that I don’t have to rely on others to do so.

So much anxiety and self doubt can be avoided and so much confidence can grow should you choose to take the honest path.