Ditch The Bitch!

Today’s Thought: Choose honesty over perfection every single time.

I awoke feeling calm and positive this morning. I had slept soundly and I had ended yesterday feeling accomplished and happy. That feeling might well be addictive, because I wanted more today!

I set my intentions for the day: Be kind, be professional; be focused and felt a warmth within myself so different from my usual anxiety and fear. It’s a new sensation – honesty can also help you feel more confident. I might not get everything right all the time, but if I am honest, then that’s all that matters – I can feel good about the actions I take and the words I say.

Not only did I manage to maintain my professional honesty, I have managed to verbalise it to the person who I find challenges my intentions the most and they are now joining in! We are connected in truth; truth with ourselves and truth with others. I will now add the goal of keeping that person honest as well as myself; we can help each other.

So at the end of the first few days of 2019, I am already feeling strong positive effects from my Honest Project. I wonder what will happen as we enter the next few weeks, when resolutions are most often broken and it becomes harder to maintain new habits.

I will continue to remember today’s thought, because I might mess up. It won’t matter, though, because nobody is perfect and I can have a new start as often as necessary. I don’t need to be perfect, I just need to be honest – that might mean being honest with myself if I slip. Honest, not perfect – a mantra for the coming weeks.