Growing Honesty

Today’s Thought: Honesty has a power that few people can handle.

This week I grew my level of honesty. I was honest with someone who scared me, because of their biting responses to stress or challenge. Instead of shrinking back into myself and ignoring their passive aggressive comments, I told them I didn’t like the way they were speaking to me and I wanted them to change it. It was a scary thing to do and it has had an impact on our relationship dynamic – hopefully in the longer term a positive one, but I certainly feel better for having told them the truth. Now their responses and behaviour can no longer have power over me, because I know that I have the right to request that it changes.


You have the right to be heard (but not always the right to have your own way)!

You have the right to be spoken to civilly (and should also speak civilly in return).

Take a deep breath and speak your truth. No matter what follows, you can be comforted by the fact that you were honest, kind and civil.

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