An Honest Heart

Today’s Thought: The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.

To improve my level of honesty with myself and with others, I am setting myself the goal of following my heart each day: Live from your heart, within your boundaries. For the most part, this feels comfortable and true to myself, but there have been a few times where I have sucked up the anxiety of another person and then doubted myself. I have found, however, the following techniques useful in keeping myself grounded and acting from my heart:

Daily affirmations to challenge the negative thought patterns: I am kind, I am smart, I am loveable, I am good enough, I am enough, I make good decisions. I say them out loud to myself on my drive to work. It’s a strange thing to do and you feel a bit silly, but it really does work in changing your mindset! As soon as a negative thought pops up, I note it and then challenge it with a positive one.

Daily meditation and breathing exercises: I am just making time to meditate and breath. I am doing 7/11 breathing – you breath in for the count of 7 and out for the count of 11. Because of the counting, you are focused in the moment on your breathing and it really does help to relax you and provide you with time out from your anxiety. I am using a meditation that works on my heart chakra – it’s only 3 minutes, but it’s 3 minutes of sending my body love and care and it is changing my mindset and level of anxiety. I just do this lying in bed and it’s helping me to get to sleep so much more quickly.

Last week was the first really positive week I have had for some time – I felt stronger and more confident than I have for a long while and these practices are having a profound effect on me living my life the way I believe I should – within my boundaries; my boundaries of what support and compassion look like; my boundaries of honesty and my boundaries of balance between work and life. It is empowering, but I am under no illusion that it won’t have to be worked at. It will. It has taken me three weeks of persistent breathing practice and meditation to have my first good week; it’s not a quick fix, but it is a worthwhile practice that will support a healthy mindset towards the challenges of life that those of us who are more sensitive than others need. I am coming to realise that there is no shame in my sensitivity; that is is actually a great power within me – now what I need to do is harness my power of sensitivity and use it with confidence to make the changes I wish to make to my life.

Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart.

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