Creating Positivity

Today’s Thought: The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful you’re life will become.

This week I set myself the challenge of choosing to align my energy with love. I set out to blow any negative energy back to the person it belonged to and to ensure that any feelings I had were mine and not someone else’s.

For three days, I felt so in control and like I was winning the fight with the emotional vampires and suddenly on day four the fear crept in and gave a gleeful wave.

To be honest, I have to keep fighting to live in a way that is true to myself; that I see true to my heart and my values. This is challenging. Is will take more than just daily meditation and visualisation of my goals and protective shields. It will also take courage.

Now that the fear is tapping on the door of my dreams, I must work hard to keep the door closed. I must learn to trust my instincts and the messages my heart I set giving me – not easy when I feel vulnerable. However, if I want my life to change for the better, I must face my vulnerability, accept it and still walk the path my heart tells me to.

This week, I am undertaking an exercise – I am going to imagine where I am in 10 years time and write myself a letter, letting myself know what my life I should like there. I want to see what things will be like if I hold true to my honest values and live a courageous life.

If you are feeling lost and as though things might not change, why not look inside your heart and ask yourself where you want to be; what you want to be different and what it will be like if things we’re to change. Make that your goal, perhaps. If it sparks joy, take a step towards it.

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