Responsible For Honesty

Today’s Thought: You are only responsible for being honest, not for someone’s else’s reaction to your honesty.

I find this difficult – I hate upsetting people and feeling responsible for their anger or distress. I need to become more resilient, though, if I am to hold people to account.

This quotation will be my mantra over the next few weeks. I will still aim to be kind – I have no wish to strip people of their dignity or to make them feel like muppets, but I am going to aim to tell people the professional truths that will help them to improve and will ensure I am holding them, and myself, to account.

Aims for the next week:

Be honest and kind in my words.

Have integrity and best practice in my actions.

Stay true to the vision and pay attention to detail.

What are your positive intentions for each day? Are you living your values?

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