Making Truth Visible

Today’s Thought: They are angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie they live.

This week a colleague of mine had to have some tricky conversations with her team. Some of them responded in a defensive manner and both she and I felt infuriated by it. Why weren’t they as keen as we were to make this better for our clients? Why couldn’t they see the barriers to success? Why weren’t they passionate about what they do? How could they miss the point of their role so much?

Reflecting on the meetings, though, I can see that those colleagues have responded in fear, confusion and a deep need to protect what they thought they knew. It’s so difficult to challenge a long-held belief; even harder to do when it’s held by someone who is essentially a good human being, who works hard and is just trying their best to manage in a world of work that seems to expect ever more from individuals.

We must persist, though. It will be a bumpy journey for our colleagues, but if we can help them see the truth – that they are missing the point of some imperative aspects of their role, they we can help them fly. They will feel more successful and more satisfied in their roles than they have ever done before. Our clients will reap the benefits of the improved practice and resources: it will be a win/win situation.

The truth will cause pain for a while, but ultimately it will empower and heal. How typical of life that the route to freedom is not straight-forward and that enlightenment first requires discomfort!

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