Seeking Honesty

Today’s Thought: Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.

When reflecting on what helps me to feel less anxious and calm in general, I know that it is being assured I have access to the truth, whatever that truth may be.

Being unsure that you are being told the truth or knowing that you aren’t telling the truth lets the anxiety dogs out to run wild!

If you want to feel inner peace, tell the truth – especially when it is most difficult. Obviously there are times when it can be kinder to tell a tiny fib – ‘no your hair doesn’t look greasy today’ or ‘What spot? I can’t see one!’. Just make sure that when the truth counts, you tell it.

If you want to feel that all around you is real, ask for evidence that what you are told is true; surround yourself with trustworthy individuals who you are confident only share necessary truths and ensure your create conditions where people can be honest with you without fear of recriminations.

Be true, be kind, be calm!

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