Honestly Empty

Today’s Thought: Burnout is what happens when we ignore the soul whispering against an unhealthy job or relationship.

All this time I thought I needed to change who I was to be better at my job. I can still change habits; responses and make my practice as good as possible, but maybe I have reached a point where I have started to listen to my soul….maybe because it is shouting louder and maybe because it has now become less about proving myself and more about making myself happy.

My job is making me unhealthy and unhappy.

My reality is I need my job to pay bills; keep a roof over my head – all the usual stuff.

My other reality is that I will lose myself if I continue to fight my soul and spend every waking moment worrying about my job. It is time to face the reality that I am not cut out for it – not because I am not good enough, but because it is not feeding my soul.

Do you feel this way? Are you fighting to stay afloat and putting off life for your job? Take stock and think – do you want to have spent most of your life doing something that makes you unhappy; something that prevents you from experiencing life the way you want to?

Sometimes we forget we have a choice, but we do – we really do have a choice. We might not be able to just walk out of a job immediately, but we can all take small steps in the right direction and that’s what I am going to do.

What feeds your soul? What were you good at as a child? Find it and do it! It will make you feel that sparkle of excitement that you had as a child; that freedom you had as a child and that sense of fulfilment you had as a child. You never experience life more purely as you do when you are young; this is what we are all searching for and to find it, we must return to those moments of joy from long ago. That was when we were at our most honest – find your true path by speaking to your most honest self; your inner child.

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