When Did Opinion Become Truth?

Today’s Thought: There are four very important words in life: Love, honesty, truth and respect. Without these in your life, you have nothing.

In my job I have to provide information; offer advice and sometimes draw attention to what people are doing wrong or inappropriately. It means that I unintentionally upset people because I make them face uncomfortable truths. This sometimes means I am the target for their guilt and anger online.

I guess the question I have is when did their opinions become truth or fact? They seem to think that by ranting about what has been said/told to them on their social media pages will sometimes change the facts they have been provided with into something they feel happier about. The reality is that it changes nothing. The truth is still the truth whether they like it or not. All they have done is show disrespect; projected their guilt and have avoided reality.

When did we decide that if we disagree with something and share that disagreement online, that it somehow means our disagreement/opinion becomes the fact, the truth and everyone should therefore change reality to fit in with it? Human’s use of social media as an outlet for their rage is an unfortunate habit. They seem to feel protected by the shield of the screen; surprised when the target of their wrath finds out what they wrote and defensive when challenged about the appropriateness of their actions.

It somewhat contradicts the title ‘Social Media’. It becomes ‘Anti-Social Media’. We need to change; we need to acknowledge that sometimes our anger comes from guilt, from feelings of inadequacy or fear. If we could face that truth, then perhaps social media would be more social, more collaborative and much kinder. For that to happen, though, we would need more collaboration and kindness in the real world. That’s when we will see genuine change to a gentler and more empathetic society – surely that should be our goal, that should be the prize.

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