Honesty Creates Energy

Today’s Thought: Be honest in your life. It creates positive energy, stopping all unfairness through life.

I have been reflecting on why I feel so much more calm since I have been dedicating my life to honesty. It’s not only that honesty ensures you need not worry about being found out; it’s because honesty means you encounter less ‘unfairness’.

Sometimes difficult things happen and it can seem unfair – there will of course be things that happen that really are unfair, a relative becoming seriously ill for example is never fair. There are other difficult things, however, that we can view as unfair, but in reality we just haven’t reflected enough on the situation to see what we can change for ourselves. By calling things unfair we disempower ourselves. It can seem comforting at first to describe a situation as unfair, but is ultimately frustrating because by removing our responsibility for anything by saying it’s unfair, we also remove our ability to improve the situation because we deny responsibility!

Be honest with yourself when you hear something less than favourable about yourself. Ask yourself – is it true; is there actual evidence that what they are telling you is true or partly true? If there is evidence, ask yourself what you can do about making a change. You have the power to make a difference! You have the power to make things feel fair again! It just takes honesty and a willingness to accept responsibility for your own life!

Remember that wonderful saying – accept what you can’t change; change what you can’t accept.

The power of honesty will give you the strength to do this. Having the strength to do this will give you the power to disperse unfairness!

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