Stop Comparing and Start Living.

Today’s Thought: The most free person in the world is the one who has nothing to hide.

This past week has been challenging but exhilarating! I have begun to transfer my honesty into actions as well as words and it is this layer of honesty that is allowing me to become the person I wish to be. I feel more freedom and less fear than ever.

It has led me to notice those around me who are less free and less happy and I have been considering why that might be. I saw an article this week about how so many millennials are stressed and anxious because of their compulsion to compare their lives with others. I have had at least two conversations with different people this week where they have mentioned life plans and the need to meet a goal before a particular age. Both are highly anxious and both are not necessarily the happiest and one in particular finds it extremely challenging to manage their emotions if things don’t go their way.

Is all this pressure to be a certain length down a particular path the right way to live? I believe in goals, but I also believe in happiness and I wonder whether they have considered whether meeting their goals will make them happy and whether, while they are pursuing their goals, they are taking the time to enjoy the moments they currently have; to enjoy the roles they currently have.

I am blessed with more years in my life than they. I have pursued and met goals and I have found that the higher one climbs career-wise, your levels of happiness don’t change; the stresses become different and the anxiety can remain the same. What has made me happiest is defining WHO I want to be, not WHAT I want to be and then forging my path through honesty.

My recommendation for anyone suffering from the dissatisfaction of feeling stuck on their path in life; who feels everyone else is beating them or living a better life than them is to just stop. Slow down. Consider yourself and who you are. Racing through life could lead you into a trap; a trap where you have to be someone you don’t like – it isn’t worth it just so you can share an update on your social media page/blog or when you next catch up with friends in person. You need to love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams and most importantly, you need to be sure that the life you are dreaming of will truly make you happy. Be honest with yourself!

What has made me happy is ensuring that my thoughts, words and actions are aligned. I am becoming the person I want to be and I am happier than ever. Honesty is what is making my dreams come true. What could honesty do for you?

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