Speak The Truth…Even Though It’s Scary!

Today’s Thought: Speak the truth…even if your voice shakes!

Now, this is not me advising that you blurt out ‘yes, your bum does look big in those trousers’ or ‘you’re a right cow, you know that?’! I am simply advising that it’s important to be truthful, even when to speak your truth makes you feel afraid and vulnerable. This is because, although that moment will feel deeply uncomfortable and you will be fearful of what will happen next, if you don’t speak the truth, you will regret it and regret always weighs heavy. Not only will you avoid the shackles of regret, you will feel the rush of strength that comes from making your voice heard!

Speaking the truth comes with a responsibility, though. You need to be sure that your reasons for wanting to speak the truth are non-judgemental; positive and have nothing to do with trying to manipulate a situation so that it suits you better. I have fallen into this trap – I have spoken up in meetings, not because I want to better the situation for the whole organisation and its client base, but more because I was afraid of some other suggestion and wanted to get my two-pence worth in to prevent things going in a direction that made me uncomfortable! That’s not the truth; that’s fear masking the truth!

Be honest with those around you, but start by being honest with yourself. What are you feeling? Why are you feeling that way? How are you going to respond (as opposed to react)? Will your response be kind, meaningful and help achieve a goal? Honesty only comes from a considered response; not from an emotional reaction and it takes practice to be truly honest.

Practice your honesty every day and your confidence will build by the regular injections of courage it brings. Measure the motives behind your honesty before you administer it and you will feel proud of how well you know yourself and handle yourself in all kinds of situations.

Sometimes honesty isn’t always about getting your voice heard by others, it’s about getting your voice heard by you before you share it with the world!

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