Do Right; Feel Good!

Today’s Thought: Be honest in your life. It creates positivity, stopping all unfairness through life.

Sounds so simple – but it isn’t! We all get sucked into ‘office politics’ or a desire to be liked by those around us and, sometimes, worst of all, we act in self-preservation or self-promotion rather than honestly.

It would be easy to think that such actions would only damage the other person – and that ought to be enough to put us off, but we really need to know we would be damaging ourselves as well.

Each time we utter words of frustration, dislike or mockery about others, we are really telling everyone something about ourselves – that we are not as kind as we could be and that we are two-faced. In the moment, it might feel like fun, like we are bonding with those around us as they laugh along, but they’re really just grateful you aren’t saying those things about them!

Each time we act out of jealousy or a feeling of inadequacy, we are being cruel – cruel to the other person and ourselves! Just be truthful to yourself about how you are feeling, then decide on a course of honest action that helps you to reach your goal without hurting anyone else – the achievement will be much sweeter!

Each time you act our of fear or a desire to be noticed, just stop and consider where that feeling comes from. Is it yours or does it belong to someone or somewhere in the past? Does it really take you where you need to be?

Sometimes we think we are on our path to greatness and satisfaction, but really we are just doing things to please others. In the short term, this makes us feel good but in the long term, we will feel dissatisfaction, anxiety and disappointment. To really know what we want, we must be honest with ourselves; honest with others and have the courage to forge ahead with kindness and integrity.

No matter what you think others may say – they can never criticise kindness and integrity – those qualities never hurt anyone; those qualities can always invoke pride.

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