Tackle Niggles With Honesty

Today’s Thought: What you deny or ignore, you delay. What accept and face, you conquer.

Over the last two weeks, people around me have been struggling. I have been irritated by their apparent lack of resilience and by people telling me what they think is wrong.

I was wrong; I should have paid attention sooner.

Sat here, trying to switch off for the weekend, I find I cannot. It’s because I haven’t faced the truth – the truth that I have missed some important signals; haven’t been available enough or proactive enough and that actually, I might be too reliant on others to fix things.

I could spend the weekend worrying and feeling guilty; I will probably spend some of the weekend doing those things. What I MUST do, however, is acknowledge the mistake; make a manageable plan to address it and move forward. Trying to rewind the past won’t help; trying to write a better future will.

Without honesty, this feeling of anxiety would have niggled non-stop. If I hadn’t faced my part in making things difficult, then I would not be in a position to improve them. It does feel uncomfortable to admit my behaviour to myself, but it’s also empowering – I can change it now. I can reset my intentions and try again!

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