An Honest Transformation

Today’s Thought: Honesty saves everyone’s time.

Just think how much time we would save if we politely asked for what we wanted or told people the things that would help them most! Instead, however, we tell ourselves it’s rude to ask for what we want and worry that we will cause upset to people if we tell them the truth about an area of their life that might need work.

It is so ingrained within some of us to side step facts or avoid confrontation that we can spend weeks worrying, whining and becoming increasingly irritated. Maybe we should think about how unkind we are being to both ourselves and the other person we are withholding the truth from.

At the moment, I am trying to grow my courage in terms of saying what needs to be said. It’s essential to do this if I am going to be able to help people and do what is in their best interests. It is so hard, though, because of the varying reactions I can encounter. I am scared of confrontation; scared of being shouted at and scared of falling apart in front of others.

All of this baggage, that probably doesn’t originate with me, but with others in my family, can be such a blocker to success at times. Honesty is helping in the battle. This is because as long as I am being truthful, I can take manage any outcome. With honesty, the anxiety lessens because even if the other person is angry, they cannot dispute what I have said. If the intentions within my heart are good, even if the other person becomes upset, I know that they will be able to move on in the right direction.

Honesty saves time; lessens the length of distress and allows the brightness to return sooner. We just need to make it a habit.

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