A Win For Honesty!

Today’s Thought: Honesty is the foundation of trust; honest hearts produce honest actions; honesty is the highest forms of intimacy; honesty is the best policy at all times.

Having decided to enter my meeting prepared to tell the truth, I felt confident. I shared the truth and waited…..and the sky did not fall in! What followed was a discussion, sharing of guidance and expertise and my confidence was re-built.

Honesty = confidence and calmness.

I will sleep tonight!

We should really encourage this across our society. If we didn’t make everything so high stakes and generate fear around the roles we take on in life, people would find honesty much easier. All high stakes creates is high threat. High threat breeds fear and fear feeds dishonesty. If we all empowered everyone to be honest and that whatever that honesty was, we would build a plan around it, then everyone would act with honour, confident that they would be safe. Success would be greater, because no one would be trying to cover up the truth; success is only possible with truth!

If each one of us showed gratitude for someone else’s honesty, then life and the challenges it throws at us would be less terrifying; we would receive more honesty in return. Watch out for the truth tomorrow and show your appreciation – let’s build a platform for honesty to be the star of the show!

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