Honesty Vs Anxiety

Today’s Thought: Nothing makes you more vulnerable that your refusal to be honest with yourself about what you want.

I have a meeting tomorrow and I want it to go well. There are facts that mean it might not go well. I am full of anxiety!

I have thought through my options:

  1. Fib about the facts or twist them so they say what I want. Result: Anxiety!
  2. Play blind optimism – I am sure that what I am predicting will happen, despite what any of the factual evidence says! Result: Anxiety!
  3. Be honest. Tell them the facts, tell what what we hope will happen, but also what will happen if we cannot achieve what we hope. Result: Less anxious!

I am sure it seems obvious to those more confident in their own abilities, but to those of us who spend most of our lives feeling like impostors, being honest can make us feel so vulnerable. It is also worth noting, however, that being dishonest causes huge anxiety, so one must decide what is worse – anxiety or vulnerability.

Tomorrow, I am going to make myself vulnerable – oddly enough I feel powerful because of this!

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