You Didn’t Start The Fire – Honestly!

Today’s Thought: At any moment you have the given power to say, ‘This is not how the story is going to end’.

Have you ever felt an emotion and have no real clue where it originated? Fear, anger, sadness, anxiety? Of course you have!

Have you ever considered, though, that the emotion didn’t start with you and maybe what you are doing is carrying around a growing holdall of other people’s feelings?

That terror you have of other people’s disapproval – look for it in your family. Who else is driven by the fear of the disapproval of others? Do they project it on to you? That rage you have when to see injustice – is it familiar with those close to you? Is it a trigger for you?

Just maybe those emotions are being passed through the generations, growing in power and complexity. You DON’T need to own them; you DO need to work through them and find their roots.

Then let go; free yourself! It honestly didn’t start with you and you can honestly end it!

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