Seeing The Truth – Ouch!

Today’s Thought: A winner is just a loser who tried one more time!

On my quest for honesty, I have to be true to myself. This means owning up to my failings.

I fail to see detail; patterns; potential strategies – so many things that seem obvious to others and it really affects my ability to be effective in my job. I feel that I am so inadequate in comparison to others and today it has made me feel blue.

In truth I have wallowed somewhat! Although I can totally see what I have learnt and how I can be better, I have sunk into the trap of seeking comfort from others; fishing for compliments and finding other ways to generally feel sorry for myself!

What I should be doing is deciding what I can do to solve my problems; practice the things I feel inadequate at and be grateful for the opportunities to learn from others who have had the good fortune to have better experiences that me.

Maybe it isn’t me that’s inadequate; maybe it is my experiences. Let’s face it – I can change, history can’t!

Face the truth, learn, then change the future! Maybe then we can all be winners.

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