Honesty As Building Blocks.

Today’s Thought: Bravery is the solution to regret.

This week I have tasked myself with giving very honest and precise feedback as part of my job.

To calm my nerves, I prepared exactly the areas of their work I would explore and give feedback on. I made additional effort to ensure that I would be able to gather enough evidence on different aspects of their practice to be able to give a rounded and fair picture.

Then I went in!

Even though I disliked having to give less than positive feedback in some cases, I felt less anxious because I was thoroughly prepared; knew I had done my homework and was giving honest, clear guidance and evaluation.

Do I feel uncomfortable about the disappointment they felt? Yes – I like them, so I don’t want them to feel that sinking dismay you get when even your best efforts don’t pay off. Was telling them the truth about their work right, though? Yes! No one can change things they are unaware of; no one can meet a goal if it isn’t clear what that goal is.

Today I was brave enough to push myself; brave enough to tell the truth when it absolutely mattered and brave enough to sit with the discomfort it caused those around me. It may sound conceited to call myself brave, but I have run from this aspect of my work for so long that it was causing damage to myself and those around me.

Honesty has helped me to improve my work – now I have to work on using it to improve the work of those around me. Honesty – the most useful tool in the kit of improvement and you will not regret wielding it; it gives a hard knock but a softer landing.

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