Fearful Of The Truth

Today’s Thought: You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Master the day then just keep doing that!

Despite planning and preparing for tricky conversations, they still terrify me. I am still fearful of being found out as a fraud. I just wish everyone else would admit they feel the same!

I think the whole world needs to admit their vulnerability more. I know that I trust someone who tells me what’s in their heart and soul, even when they are telling me they don’t know all the answers. I know I respect that a lot more than the person who feigns confidence and railroads those around them in the process…..or is that because those people highlight my inadequacies?

We have a real problem with honesty in our society: We’re dishonest in how we feel; dishonest in what we show the rest of the world; dishonest in how we present ourselves differently in multiple situations and we convince ourselves we’re being flexible; social chameleons; effective in our work. Maybe this is what feeds our anxiety; trying to work out what is going on all the time – who can we believe?

The issue is that few people are prepared to admit how vulnerable they are to themselves, let alone the rest of the world! What if vulnerability was a sign of strength – what then? What change could be made in our world if more of us were prepared to admit our fears about ourselves and our abilities, skills and self-perception? Could this lead to a sense of calm? Could it quieten that cave-man response in ourselves that sub-consciously tells us we are in competition with the rest of humanity?

Life feels so competitive; it is competitive, but maybe what it needs to be is cooperative and supportive. I intend to continue with my honesty campaign – every day I tell myself that honesty + kindness = success and confidence and it certainly helps. What I have to add to the mix is taking small steps towards building my courage in challenging situations and admitting my vulnerability to myself so that I can find ways to build strength in the face of it.

Feeling vulnerable does not have to be a weakness, not if you are aware of it. It can be a strength and I intend to make my vulnerability an asset!

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