Building Courage.

Today’s Thought: If you have time to whine and complain about something, then you have the time to do something about it.

Why do we do that? Whine, complain, moan and then expect things to change? I am definitely guilty of doing that! It made me feel so unhappy, though – the flashes of anxiety that burned whenever I thought someone might know what I had said about them.

It would be much better to use that whining time to visit the person concerned and calmly explain clearly what it is they have either done that irritates you or what it is you need them to do. I wonder if sometimes we moan about it in the hope that someone else will manage the ‘monkey’ for us? Or is it because we’re fearful we might get the blame for their poor performance and we want to pre-empt it by showing disapproval, thus covering our own inadequacy in dealing with it? Either way there is a problem: A lack of honesty!

Tomorrow I will continue to build my courage by taking another step towards challenging someone’s behaviour. Let’s see if I can turn their whining into definitive and honest action to improve the situation!

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