Small Steps

Today’s Thought: Telling someone the truth and making them cry is better than telling someone a lie and making them smile.

I set myself the challenge of calling someone out on how they speak about others. How did I get on?

Well, not quite as bravely as I would have liked, but I took a small step in the right direction. I wasn’t able to make the time in my day to create the right circumstances for such a conversation, so I grabbed an opportunity during a check-in to see how they were.

I told them that I had been thinking about some of the things that were bothering them and wanted to suggest being more direct with the people concerned. Perhaps those people didn’t realise the things that they thought should be obvious and they might get better results by telling them directly what they wanted.

There wasn’t any resulting conflict, but I can’t be sure that my message got through as they seemed to brush over my words and change the subject of the conversation. If I am to continue to work on my own honesty, my next step must be to have a more direct conversation under conditions more conducive to the other person taking things on board.

Considering how much I fear conflict, I will give myself credit for saying something at all. To be courageous with my honesty, thought, I must continue to step forward and work on the clarity within what I say.

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