Courage Not Comfort!

Today’s Thought: You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.

When honesty becomes a challenge: We fear conflict; we fear disapproval; we fear upsetting others; we fear appearing foolish. All this fear can deter us from being honest with those around us.

Tomorrow I am going to push my boundary to see if I can remain honest. I am going to challenge the behaviour of someone else. My aim is to ask them to consider being less passive aggressive and more direct; I am going to suggest that this might get them what they want and avoid the feelings of irritation and frustration that they end up expressing inappropriately.

I wonder how far honesty will take me. I wonder whether I feel safe enough in my conscious honesty to challenge someone else to consider the integrity in their own actions and words.

Conflict fills me with anxiety; this person invokes a fear response in me – I fear their reaction, but today’s though resonates; I must choose courage tomorrow rather than comfort or I cannot continue to transform.

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