Honesty Vs Fear.

Today’s Thought: I think honesty is the most heroic quality one can aspire to.

That conflict within. Most of us want to be good people, want others to think we’re a good person, but then fear creeps in and stretches its tentacles out so we manipulate and try to regain that illusion of control.

Fear lives in all of us; it just wears different disguises. Sometimes it’s cloaked in anger, sometimes as anxiety; sometimes as ambition – there are too many ways that fear re-invents itself to list. The truth is that fear manipulates us, drawing us in all kinds of directions under the guise of bringing us the gift of peace.

I am learning day by day the calm that honesty brings me and I am also learning the reasons why dishonesty can seem so tempting. Wherever the fear comes from must be pin-pointed; it’s lair found. Once you know what gave life to that fear, it can be controlled. Honesty can be the master of fear.

Know yourself; know your fear and be honest about it, then you can start to transform from the terrified, wounded animal into the supremely confident phoenix and rise above it.

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