Reducing Fear; Feeling Real

Today’s Thought: I respect people who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.

Impostor syndrome – it’s real! It comes from that fear so many of us have that we might not be good enough. I know many of us felt relief when the amazing Michelle Obama admitted that she suffered from it; her honesty proved she was no impostor, because so many of us could relate to it.

May be we should reflect on this in relation to ourselves, those of us who feel as though we are impostors in our roles. If such a genuine, passionate and caring woman can feel as though she might not be good enough and we still think she’s fabulous – maybe we it’s time for us to entertain the possibility that we just might be good enough too!

This will be hard! Difficult because it seems a little conceited to consider ourselves good at whatever it is we do; tricky because we don’t yet believe it and tough because we keep finding out things we didn’t yet know!

The truth is that life is a constant journey of learning, but we so often tell ourselves the lie that we should be the finished article and that we must know everything and be the best. Honestly, we should never know everything – if we think we do then we will be closed to any new information, new strategies or new inventions and ideas and we will end up in stasis.

Let’s stop telling ourselves lies: We’re not good enough; everyone else is better than us; everyone knows more than us. Let’s start being honest: I am always learning and that makes me better; everyone else is learning too (and if they think they don’t need to, they’re missing out) and no-one can know everything!

Honesty will help you feel strength; tell the truth to yourself and those around you and you are NOT an impostor!

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