Control Relinquished; Control Gained.

Today’s Thought: Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears.

These last two weeks I have felt more calm and peace than ever before. Honesty has been my tranquillizer

Why do humans lie? It’s about control, really – usually control over what happens to them. Lies are manipulative, not just in the telling, but in the life of their own they take once released into the world.

I used to convince myself that I was using my people skills to ensure control over what needed to happen or over what I wanted to happen, but the reality was I was scared -scared I wouldn’t be in control. I used manipulation to try and exercise control, feel as though I had power over what would happen next.

My honesty goal has clarified to me what these manipulation tactics actually don’t lead to control; they cultivate anxiety and fear. What did I say? Who did I say it to? Did they believe me? What if I’m found out?

That’s just the surface of the uncertainty created by lies! Next the doubts creep in over what everyone thinks of you; what everyone might be saying about you. This is because you start to measure those around you against your own actions and behaviour. If you’re disingenuous then everyone must be!

Pure honesty can change all of that. It’s as if a dense fog has cleared and sunlight, that first welcome peek of brightness as winter ends and spring awakens, twinkles at you, lighting the way to a much easier path.

Amazing! Honesty can bring about an internal reinvention and quench anxiety. If you know your motives, actions and words are irreproachable then all is right with the world!

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