Be Your Greatest Show!

Today’s Thought: If you tell the truth, it becomes a part of your past. If you lie, it becomes part of your future.

The Greatest Showman – I love how this film makes me feel; alive and capable of anything and that I am good enough for just being myself. I am sure that’s why many of us love it. I think it’s also because the film is about truth and kindness and how it brings happiness into your life if you are true to yourself; true to others and you treat every soul with kindness.

Kindness doesn’t mind background, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, age – it doesn’t mind if you secretly like naff TV programmes or love to trawl the gossip magazines or cat videos on YouTube! Kindness has no prejudice and everyone is entitled to it. The Greatest Showman reminds us that we all desire kindness and acceptance from others and that we are also all entitled to it.

If I’m honest (and that’s what this blog is about) I’m scared most of the time; so frightened that people will see how afraid I am. Afraid I don’t have the answers I’m expected to; frightened I can’t see the detail necessary to do my job well enough; frightened I can’t see through the lies and deceit others try to manipulate me with (because they are afraid); frightened I will fail and we will lose our home. Most of all I am frightened of what my family will think of me if I fail – scared they will disapprove and I will have confirmed all the things they ever thought of me. I feel like an impostor all of the time – because I am!

It’s how I’ve ended up in a job that terrifies me – because I’ve constantly sought their approval. The one time I tried to make myself happy, I was met with such total disapproval that I have conformed ever since. Well, I told myself I was conforming, but actually what I have really been doing is lying – lying to myself in order to protect myself from the excruciating pain of disapproval.

My entire life is built on the lie disapproval made necessary. This year, I am being honest with myself about what I want out of life and I am finding ways to weave it into my life each day. To begin with, it must be in a small way, because the realities of life – a mortgage and those dependent on my income mean that I cannot selfishly run away and chase my dream regardless. I find I must face the honesty that dreams don’t happen like they do in the movies – immediately and as if they were truly fate. Dreams only work through hard work, persistent and determined tiny steps taken every day.

The Greatest Showman is a wonderful confirmation that we can all dream and if we just have the courage to believe in ourselves; if we can just persist, we can achieve anything and be happy as long as we don’t forget the most important truth of all: The unconditional love of those most important to us, and our unconditional love for them, must not be squandered along the way.

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