Everyday Honesty

Today’s Thought: Social media is a dangerous place to seek affirmation, acceptance, identify and security.

Why post a quote like that when what I am doing right now is social media? It’s just something on my mind. When I look at what people post online, I know it’s only a snap-shot; a tiny moment that they have chosen to share. They share sometimes to communicate with those far away; sometimes to entertain; sometimes to seek confirmation that their opinions are agreed with; sometimes to seek comfort and always to present a specific identify. I know this, because I do it myself.

It leads me to wonder how honest social media really is; not the mechanism itself, but our use of it as humans. If we are considering what is posted on social media as real, then we must be considering it as honest. Not all of it is, however.

Many of us are wise to the air-brushing of photos and to the fitness gurus with ‘perfect’ bodies who always seem to have time to fit in that all important workout, despite having 49 children and a high-powered job. We are less familiar, however, with the fact that there is always more to these people than they choose to present online. And there lies my point – social media contains an element of dishonesty. I am pondering on how damaging it is.

The Media periodically present articles focusing on how social media causes anxiety in people and how we are all trying to meet unattainable goals in terms of body image and lifestyle. What they never touch on is that the problem is actually dishonesty! Everyone, myself included, is selective with the truth. They want to sell a particular image of their lives or a particular product or lifestyle and the only way to do that is to be choosy about what you say and show.

I am going to add another element to my Honesty Project to make sure that I only post honesty in my own social media and I question the honesty in anything else I see online. I’m not going to quit it or berate it, I am just going to honesty-check it. In my drive to be more honest, I need to cut down on seeking approval from everyone else and just approve of myself and my actions and, so far, I have found that honesty allows me to approve of myself whole-heartedly.

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