Ditch The Bitch (ing)!

Today’s Thought: Honesty is better than perfection.

I awoke with a sensation of calm positivity. I had slept well; I felt safe and comforted by my success – this feeling could well be addictive!

Before, I would have sought comfort by find the way to connect with another person, possibly through unkind talk – gossip – bitching. It seemed to be harmless in the moment, but post-bitch, I always felt disappointed in myself and anxious – what if they ever found out what I had said? The only way forward it to ditch the bitch(ing)!

Feeling buoyed up by my success from yesterday, I set my intentions for the day: be kind, be focused, be professional. Still there were challenges; moments when I felt the familiar sensations and temptations trying to draw me into their grasp, but staying focused meant I could catch myself before I became reeled in.

It’s only a few days into my Honest Project, but the positive effects are already clear to me. This calmness is such a wonderful feeling, it will be worth fighting for over the next few weeks when resolutions are at their most vulnerable. I might slip up; I might take a step back but I have to remember that I don’t need to be perfect; I just need to be honest – even if it’s with myself should I fall into old habits!

Honest, not perfect – my mantra for tomorrow!

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