Bravery – The Solution to Regret!

Todays’s Thought: To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

After the disappointment in myself yesterday, I resolved to put my plan of kind honesty into action once again today, starting by setting a positive intention: Be kind; be professional.

Immediately, a challenge presented itself! The same person I found myself drawn into less than honest behaviour with yesterday appeared and tried to begin a conversation of a similar vein. I side stepped the attempt with a professional response – OK it wasn’t the full on confrontation of yesterday’s actions I was aiming for but I had avoided repeating my mistake. The side-step had been more powerful than I thought, however. Moments after the side step, the person reappeared and apologised for pouncing on me so soon in the day and they hadn’t meant what they had said to sound negative. I explained that I understood that she hadn’t meant to sound negative, but that what I had wanted was to remain professional and not be drawn into any negative talk. She appreciated that and it was all over! Just like that!

This simple interaction, all of it honest, empowered me for the rest of my day. Every interaction and response I gave today was honest and professional – it met my intention for the day; it met the requirements of my role and it met my overall goal of achieving calmness through honesty. I can tell you that it feels amazing!

I left myself a note today and I will leave it here as a reminder as to how my day felt: Respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, loyalty is returned.

Obviously one day does not mean I have achieved the above ideal, but it’s a step on the road and the feeling of today is certainly motivating. It turns out that I didn’t need to follow a yellow brick road to find a touch of courage, but I am sure that I will need to continue to look for cracks in the path on my journey to a more honest life. After the joy in today’s small success, I intent to be a vigilant traveller!

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