2019 – The Honesty Project

Today’s thought: Honest hearts produce honest actions.

So, 2019 is the year I have decided to live more honestly. I have lost count of the times I have caused myself sleepless nights or landed myself in awkward situations because I haven’t had the courage to be honest with someone. Usually, I bottle out of being honest to avoid confrontation or to delay causing discomfort to others by telling them an uncomfortable truth. It seems like a good idea at the time, but it really isn’t. Every time I have done this, I have ended up causing myself worry and anxiety because all I have done is delayed the inevitable or created paranoia in myself and others. I have, therefore, decided to conduct an experiment over the coming year to see whether living life more honestly will bring about both calmness in myself and others. This blog will act as my conscience and my counsellor on my journey and if it helps someone out along the way, then that is a bonus!

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